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Origami Owl Names Darleen Santore Chief Performance Officer

Origami Owl Names Darleen Santore Chief Performance Officer

Press Release:”CHANDLER, Ariz., Jan. 14, 2013 — Origami Owl, a social selling brand best known for its unique line of customizable jewelry and flagship line Living Lockets™, is responding to its remarkable growth by expanding its leadership with the appointment of Darleen Santore as its first-ever Chief Performance Officer (CPO).

Origami Owl Names Darleen Santore Chief Performance Officer

As CPO, she will bring a laser-like focus to achieving maximum individual and organizational performance; provide guidance on leadership and management development, goal setting and achievement, plan execution and accountability; and overcoming obstacles to success. In addition to identifying challenges specific to the company, Santore will also monitor trends and issues facing the direct sales industry, carving a strategic path Origami Owl as a burgeoning leader amongst its peers. She will also partner with Origami Owl’s teenage founder, Isabella Weems , to create a specially tailored educational program for the organization’s many young “Designers” or sales consultants.

“As we reflected on Origami Owl’s incredible success over the past two years, we believe incorporating a Chief Performance Officer into our executive leadership is an important next step for continued growth,” said Jeff Reinhart , Chief Operating Officer at Origami Owl. “We have studied the benefits of this kind of leadership role in some of world’s most forward-thinking, successful companies, and we know that Darleen, with her combination of business and human behavioral expertise, will have a significant impact on our future.”

Santore, an accomplished executive across a range of industries, brings a rare set of skills and experience to the position, having most recently served as a consultant to individuals seeking both personal and professional performance and leadership counsel. In 2008, she established the D.E.A.L. Coaching & Consulting group, where she has provided counsel to hundreds of individuals and organizations. She previously served as Chief Operating Officer at Category 5 Records & Warm Front Studio, and as President of Compass Staffing Solutions. Santore is a graduate of Syracuse University and did master’s work at the University of Connecticut.

Origami Owl’s mission is to serve as a force for good, including a passionate commitment to inspiring and motivating women to make a difference in the lives of others. With a strong pay-it-forward track record that includes service to children, the elderly and aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, Santore will help Origami Owl ensure its continued growth trajectory while serving as a steward for positive change.

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Origami Owl Names Darleen Santore Chief Performance Officer

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