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Christ for the Nations- Glory Come Down

Special thanks to Christopherb220. This is such an incredible song. Praise Jesus!

Christ for the Nations- Glory Come Down


Just STOP and THINK (Francis Chan)

Everyone needs to hear the Good News. EVERYONE needs the Gospel!

What is the Gospel? With Tim Keller

Thanks to HisFatherlyHand for posting this on Youtube.

Tim Keller did a great job answering this!

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Can someone get “closer to God”?

I hear the phrase “closer to God” or “close to God” a lot. I have heard it all my life. After a conference, someone might claim that they feel “closer to God” or claim that they ARE closer to God.

I’ve used this phrase often. Most of the time, I haven’t spoken the phrase.

But I’ve thought it.

Can someone get “closer to God”?

I have thought, “am I still close to God?”, or “I don’t FEEL close to God”. Hmmm.

The phrase seems innocent enough. But it draws us away from something pure, something simple. I think it can take away from the Gospel.

Can someone get “closer to God”? Yes. Once they are saved. The Bible teaches that once someone is saved, that is- repenting of sin and calling upon the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation–> God comes to live in them.

Wow. Jesus had this in view in John Chapter 15 when He spoke of the Vine and the Branches. Jesus spoke of ABIDING in His people, and in Acts 2 the disciples were filled with the Spirit! God dwells in His people!

You can’t get any closer than “in”! OK?

Isn’t this exciting news! God’s Grace saves you and God’s Grace keeps you. And God stays in you. Glory!

Can someone get “closer to God” after they are saved? No. I don’t think so. The devil loves the ups and downs of life. The devil wants you to be feeling driven instead of faith driven. He wants you to question God’s love for you, and when times are tough and God seems so far away, that liar of a devil tells you that you are not “close” to God.

But if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and are saved, God is in you, and you are in Him. Forever.

Don’t try to earn what Jesus already gave. Don’t try to get “closer to God”. Rest in Him. Love Him. Know that He is always in you, will always help you, will always love you.

So how can this phrase (to quote myself) “take away from the Gospel?”. The Gospel is all about Grace (a free undeserved gift) and not about works. Using this phrase in the context it is usually used so easily lends itself to a “work” mentality instead of a “Grace” mentality. The pure grace-filled Gospel becomes something different. It has been compromised.

If pride wells up in your heart, or if you ever feel as though you earned your status as “faithful child of the King” remember this- any sinner can become just as “close” to the Lord as you are in one holy moment.

See, the ground really is level at the cross.

Take All Of Me- Hillsong United

May this song be our hearts cry both now and forevermore!

The Gospel in 6 Minutes- John Piper

Special thanks to for making such an impact for the Kingdom of God!

ViSalusTM Shatters Direct Sales Industry Top 100 Company List; Enters List at #47
Record 2011 Sales Growth Recognized with DSN Bravo Growth Award

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 30, 2012 (visalus-thanks to geovanni)– ViSalus, the number one challenge marketing company with its Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge, broke into the Direct Sales Industry Top 100 Global Companies List at #47. As a result, ViSalus was awarded the prestigious DSN Bravo Growth Award by top industry trade Direct Selling News for its seven-fold sales increase over the past 12 months. The award was presented to ViSalus Founders Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen at the Direct Selling News Global 100 Celebration held in Dallas on April 16.

“We are humbled that the Direct Selling Industry has recognized ViSalus’ innovative customer centric approach,” stated Ryan Blair, Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus.

“With today’s social sphere, it’s amazing how quickly a simple message that brings real value to a consumer can spread,” continued Blake Mallen, Chief Marketing Officer. “I’m very proud of our ViSalus Community.”

Since 2010, the annual Bravo Growth Award has been honoring the company that reported the greatest sales increase during the prior 12 months. The winner is selected by the leadership of Direct Selling News based on the data compiled for the year. In 2011, ViSalus achieved net sales of $231 million, seven times its 2010 earnings of $34 million.

“This is an honor well-deserved and a testament to the leadership team at ViSalus,” said John Fleming, Publisher of Direct Selling News. “Ryan and Blake have shown over the past two years a strong commitment to their employees, sales associates and customers, and it shows in the great success they have achieved.”

Launched originally in 2005 as ViSalus Sciences and known today as ViSalus, the company remains resolute on its mission to improve “Life, Health, and Prosperity”—through network marketing, premium wellness products, and a global community culture. ViSalus champions a range of personal health goals through five unique Challenge Kits designed to support individual milestones toward healthier living. The company’s recent acquisition of the domain “” emphasizes its continued aggressive expansion in the challenge marketing space.
Learn more about ViSalus at and

About ViSalus
Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and Troy, MI, ViSalusTM is the company behind the wildly successful Body by ViTM Challenge, a 90-day lifestyle transformation platform. ViSalus champions personal victories and entrepreneurship through a social marketing model, premium products, and global community culture. Simple, Rewarding & Fun—the Body by Vi Challenge is the fastest growing health and fitness Challenge in North America today. ViSalusTM is majority-owned by Blyth, Inc.

About Direct Selling News
Direct Selling News magazine has been serving direct selling and network marketing executives since 2004. It is a controlled-circulation, print magazine sent to executives throughout the industry. The contents of each publication are posted online along with up-to-date headline news of major happenings within the industry, both domestically and globally. For more information, visit

Screenshot from my AMM backoffice with the course

I am taking a Home Business Success course online. Something that I have learned is that you should NEVER stop studying and learning. No matter who you are! It has been a great resource. The full resource name is “Home Business Success course”, I received it free with my AMM membership. It is a special interview with a panel of some of the self-publishing greats, looking at product marketing, generating products, writing, etc. Stuff I am really interested in!

Through AMM I got an entire library of internet and offline marketing materials. Access to countless books, tons of seminars, tons of video and audio courses. It would take literally YEARS to go through it all.

AMM packs a ton of value into their program. I couldn’t believe all the products they just GAVE AWAY as a way of saying, “Thanks for joining us in helping people acquire online income!”. Too cool.

I haven’t found the bootcamp anywhere else, though I haven’t looked. They literally handed me thousands and thousands of dollars worth of marketing resources when I made the easy decision to align myself with their incredible opportunity.

If you are like, What is AMM? How do I join? I want to break one of the most basic marketing “rules” ever and just give you the direct link. If you are interested in learning more- I don’t want to stop you, and I don’t want a fear to put your email address in to stop you either!

I didn’t write this to plug you about AMM. Seriously. I literally just wanted to bring home the point that you should never stop learning. I am really growing from the AMM resource library. There is tons of great stuff out there to grow on. But, yeah. Home Business Success course is awesome. Loving it!

“An Ordinary Hero” is the story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, a little known Civil Rights worker who did the extraordinary. Her son, founder of Taylor Street Films, Loki Mulholland and his production company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the completion funding needed to finish this truly inspiring story for a 2013 release date.

2013 will mark several momentous occasions. It is the 100th anniversary of Delta Sigma Theta, the 50th Anniversary of the Jackson Woolworth Lunch Counter Sit-in, and the premier of a new movie that tells the story of a woman who was part of both of these in a very significant way.

“An Ordinary Hero” is the story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, a little known Civil Rights worker who did the extraordinary. As a 19 year old college student in 1961, Joan had already participated in nearly three dozen protests and sit-ins when she was arrested for participating in the Freedom Rides. After spending two months at the infamous Parchman Penitentiary on death row she went on to attend Tougaloo College and was one of the first whites to pledge Delta Sigma.
Loki Mulholland, an award winning filmmaker and the son of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, has spent the last two years crisscrossing the country interviewing Civil Rights legends in order to tell the true story of his mother, who began her civil rights work at 16 as a teenager in Arlington, VA and continued through the turbulent 60’s. As a white southern woman, Joan felt that if her church was going to teach that “we were all equal in the eyes of God” she remembered, “I just felt that we should mean it.”

“She never told us the stories. As kids all we saw were the pictures,” Loki Mulholland commented. “It’s been quite a journey discovering what she did and why. She was shot at, attacked, disowned by her family, imprisoned and hunted down for execution by the Klan all because she wanted to make life better.”

Taylor Street Films, Loki Mulholland’s production company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the completion funding needed to finish this truly inspiring story for a 2013 release date.

Kickstarter helps artists connect with their audience in a unique way by allowing them to share in the creative process, talk about the project, and contribute much needed funds,” says Mulholland. “It’s fun and people feel really connected when they are able to help. They get to be a part of the film which is important.”
The goal is to not just to complete the film but to share it with as many communities as possible. It’s an important story and Mr. Mulholland hopes to go on a speaking tour next year with Joan and the film so people can experience this “living history”.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Senior Editor for the Atlantic, reflected on Joan’s determination and example, “I’ve got the movement in my blood, but no way I can imagine being white, nineteen, violating the law, and being sent off to jail… in Mississippi.”

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland did all this, and so much more.

“My mother and her friends helped change the world. They were ordinary and they were heroes. People really can make a difference,” says Mulholland.

For Further Details / Contact Taylor Street films

This is such a great story about making a positive difference. You can do that with you marketing. Always impact the world for better. Start with the Gospel :)

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