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3 Important Tools for earning money online!

I made a new video the other day to hash out three important tools that people who would like to earn money online should consider joining.

This video will give the basics of what you will need: an MLM, a Marketing Platform, and a Top-Tier Opportunity. I suggest JustBeenPaid (the Perfect MLM), MLSP (probably the best Marketing Platform on the internet today) and AMM (one of the most trusted Top-Tier Opportunities on the market).

Here t’is, folks!

Really simple stuff, but so key, so important if you want to be financially successful online!

A marketing platform and a Top-Tier Opportunity are the other two tools. The marketing platform is an important element, especially if you have an MLM. Top-Tier Opportunities allow you to earn more with fewer sales!

Click this link to learn more about JustBeenPaid and get started!

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If you are interested in MLSP (a MUST HAVE if you are in an MLM or want to earn money online):

If you want to join AMM, click this link to watch the presentation:
Tell me more about AMM!

Thanks for checking out this video. God bless!


I made this video a little while back to share some of the bonuses you receive JUST for joining MLSP.

If you have questions about MLSP, just click the MLSP or My Lead System Pro tag listed on the left hand side of the page to find out more.

Everyone who wants to make money online should strongly consider joining what I would call a “Marketing Platform”. That’s what MLSP is, it is a platform to help you start marketing RIGHT AWAY.

This video explains some of the ridiculous freebies MLSP gives away just as a way of saying, “Thanks for joining our family!”

Click here to learn more about MLSP!


MLSP – Top Marketing Platform

MLSP is an online marketing and training system that provides members with all of the critical tools that they will need to build a successful business online including, top of the line marketing training, free training calls with the top producers in the industry, and state of the art capture pages.

My Lead System pro gives members the ability to promote up to 3 primary businesses behind their marketing system. Once you get started their marketing system will immediately begin working on branding you into a leader and promoting your businesses all on complete auto-pilot.

The Most Powerful, All-in-One Marketing Solution Ever Created for the Serious Network Marketer Just Got 100X More Effective. There is no limit to the type of money you can make in YOUR MLM business if you follow the EXACT steps in this explosive presentation!

My Lead System Pro launched in 2008 and has rapidly become the marketing system of choice for entrepreneurs that want to learn how to run a successful online business.

Some of the biggest internet marketers in the world are members of My Lead System Pro and every Wednesday night they come together to reveal their top marketing secrets on My Lead System Pro’s free weekly webinars.

The top internet marketers in the world join the MLSP team every Wednesday night to share their top secret marketing strategies with the community. They give free exclusive trainings on every form of internet marketing training that you could dream of including blogging, article marketing, video marketing, and seo. (Just research other MLSP review articles and you’ll see all of the incredible trainings they provide)

If you’re a member of the MLSP network marketing system then you’re able to invite your prospects on these training calls each and every week for FREE. That’s right; your prospects will get weekly cutting edge internet marketing training for free.

Just think about how many people will join your team when they see the incredible level of training that they’ll receive within this community. There’s no system out there on the planet today that delivers the content and value that My Lead System Pro provides. If you’ve seen MLSP scam articles online then they are probably from disgruntled ex-members that didn’t do anything and are probably looking for a scapegoat to blame for their lack of success.

You could make a potential 6 figure income a year just from being a member of MLSP.

They offer a very attractive affiliate program that pays monthly commissions for any members that your refer to their system.

Their system promotes over 19 different affiliate streams of income which could translate into thousands of additional dollars in your pocket every month.

The creators of My Lead System Pro are Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer. Before creating this system they were already successful entrepreneurs.

They started My Lead System Pro during the height of their success in their previous business ventures and now it’s become the premier internet marketing training system for entrepreneurs that want to learn internet marketing.

If you’re an internet marketing newbie, the MLSP system will give you the tools that you need to create a successful online business. Their system will walk you through the basics of internet marketing all the way up to advanced marketing techniques that are being used by the top marketers in the world. Just go at your own pace.

If you’re a seasoned network marketer that’s already successful in the industry then My Lead System Pro can help you take your business to the next level. Their system will teach you the advanced marketing techniques that are only being used by the select few leaders in this industry.

If you’re ready to learn what it takes to become a professional internet marketer that has prospects begging you to join your business then it’s time to become a member of MLSP.
Special thanks to Lucien Bechard for this article. I couldn’t agree more. Join MLSP right here:

Join MLSP here!

Thanks. God bless,



There are lot’s of ways to market your opportunity online. One of the biggest ways you can do that is through YouTube PPC (Pay-Per-Click)!

Listen- whether you have an MLM or a product you want to sell, or a band you want to advertise or a church you want to promote- YouTube PPC takes that promotion to another level. It is one thing to make a YouTube video. That’s good, that runs. But think about this:

YouTube averages 26 million visitors DAILY.

YouTube gets more than 2 Billion views a day!

YouTube PPC gets your videos out quickly in front of your prospects. It doesn’t take long for Google to approve your promoted videos, and you can start generating traffic and leads FAST.

I want to give this to you for FREE. No strings attached, people! I’m not asking for your info like 99.99% of network marketers do. Take this gift. Jesus loves you.



Get me the free training now, please!

Do you have a platform?

This is an interesting topic. One of the first times I heard about Network Marketing I passed up on it- because of what it would cost to build (in time and money, but mostly time). I also owned another business. But hey, who says you can’t multi-task?

Even with being a multi-tasker, I frankly couldn’t build a marketing infrastructure with the time I had. With a wife and child, time was really precious. I couldn’t learn all the basics about everything and then build the whole infrastructure myself. There is SO MUCH to network marketing/ marketing online. You have to have lead capture pages, sandwich pages, auto-responders, set up (seemingly) everything under the sun before you can even start driving traffic and earn money by helping people get what they want and need (the goal of marketing!)

Wow. So I passed. Almost a year later, it reared its head again. “It” being network marketing. Earning money by helping people get what they want and need! This time I bit. Why? PLATFORM.

You might be thinking, what is PLATFORM? A Platform is a system, one that has already been established. A Platform is your launch pad into the marketing world online (and offline, but let’s stay online. it’s fun that way!)

A Marketing Platform already has default auto-responders ready for your use. Proven, effective lead capture pages and videos. BOOM. Months and months and countless thousands of dollars saved. NOW, over time its good to personalize and establish as much of your own stuff as possible. But to do that from the beginning?!?!?! That’s nuts. (If you have accomplished that, I commend you with a heart felt golf clap)

So, do you have a Platform? A good Platform not only has sites that are already built, auto-responders ready to do your biddings, BUT also has system campaigns already set up, so you can begin to market products RIGHT AWAY that can bring in good commissions. Money in the bank.

Sound cool? Awesome. Listen- you know what I would love for you to do? Visit my platform page to see if you would like to join in on the fun!

You realize I broke one of the biggest marketing rules. I am actually sending you to the welcome page. HAHA. You don’t have to put ANY information in!!!!!

So, THAT excuse can go down the toilet.

In all seriousness, you might be interested in looking at that page. There are other platforms, but most ask for a massive investment up front. My platform is MLSP (My Lead System Pro). You pay 9.99 to have a 2 week risk free trial, then every month after that its 50 bucks. No massive up front investment to join. Its cheap, you can leave at any time. AND you get their killer pages and materials, and training.

The training is awesome. You might be thinking, “hey, that sounds cool, but I don’t think I need that.”

If you want to make money marketing online, you WILL need a platform, or be prepared to spend upwards of $5000 to start it up (not to mention the time you spent too). Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just roll with it!

Do you have a platform?

God bless,

Daniel Barth