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When do JustBeenPaid Matrixes show up in JSS after Restart?

When do JustBeenPaid Matrixes show up in JSS after Restart?

If you are looking at this post, you are probably already a part of JustBeenPaid, and were included in the lastest JSS Tripler Restart (or you are preparing for your Post-Restart account). As I am writing this, we are in our 9th day after the Restart. But, your Matrixes (or Matrices) have not shown up yet in your JSS, and you are getting worried. You are looking for answers. You came to the right place.

When do JustBeenPaid Matrixes show up in JSS after Restart?

The JSS-Tripler positions that were in your account that were converted during the Restart usually will not show up in your JSS account for another 2 weeks after the Restart.
Remember, every Matrix must be cycled. The final Matrixes from the last Restart are completed, and everything will be set, and you will be able to access your Matrixes.
So don’t panic, they will show up.
Now you have to deal with getting your Matrixes cycled.
How do they cycle the fastest? If you have sponsored a lot of people!
Once a Restart has happened, it is too late to profit off of a huge downline if you don’t already have a lot of sponsored people under you. But, this will be HUGE for the next Restart! Go ahead and check out some of the free trainings I have on the top tab, they are there to help you with your JustBeenPaid business. Don’t miss out on that, it is absolutely free. Also, if you are SERIOUS about your JustBeenPaid business, you will need a marketing platform to drive ridiculous amounts of traffic and bring in new leads AUTOMATICALLY. The link will be below if you are interested in that.

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Wishing you the best! God bless,


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JustBeenPaid Matrix Restart help



What about this JustBeenPaid thing?

You may be wondering about this JustBeenPaid program. I have a link here to goes to all of my blog posts on JustBeenPaid, they talk about what JustBeenPaid is, how the program works, the posts are also inspiring, you can see how my earnings have increased!

Here is the link to all of my JustBeenPaid posts so far:


JustBeenPaid is the most exciting program I have ever run across because, EVERYONE SUCCEEDS! Its free to join, and you earn DAY 1 and will continue to earn every single day. All of my posts on JustBeenPaid have a link to join.

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More than $1000 earned with JustBeenPaid!

Today was a landmark day for me. My earnings passed the $1000 threshold! Here is a screenshot from my JustBeenPaid Backoffice. As you can see, my account is very new, every column is 0 except my earnings and my placement count. 

Screenshot that shows my earnings so far with JustBeenPaid

What is profound about this is that I have only been a part of JustBeenPaid for about 1 month. I joined May 16th, I put in my free $10 that every new member gets. I didn’t do anything with it until May 25th.

I wanted to research JustBeenPaid to make sure that it was legit. Thankfully, I did my research AFTER signing up for the program and claiming the $10. This meant that I generated income every day even before I got more fully involved!

This is such a blessing. What could you do with an extra $1000 a month? That covers housing for most people. Free housing. You could save up for a vacation, or work less to spend more time with your family. You could give more to your church or to your favorite organization.

If you are interested in Internet Marketing you could use it to fund some of your start-ups, or help ween you off the 9-5 job you have right now! The possibilities are endless.

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Where is that going to leave me in 3 months? Or 6 months? Or 1 year?

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They give you $10 for joining so that you earn money from Day 1! I signed up a good friend of mine the other day. He put in his free $10. In five days he had earned $1. Listen- He did nothing. He signed up, that’s it, and he put money into his account that isn’t even his! He’s checking it out further, but he made the wise decision for him and his family. He stepped out. And every morning when he logs in, he sees that he has just been paid!

God bless you, friend. And God bless your family. He has been so good to us!

We give Him all the praise. Listen- whether or not you join JustBeenPaid, may the Lord’s blessing be over your heart, your home and your finances.

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You might not be bothered by sponsoring. You might be good at convincing people to join you. You might be a natural salesperson.

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JustBeenPaid (JBP) History

Just Been Paid (JBP) History:

The original JustBeenPaid! was launched in 2004. It never really got off the ground and became dormant after a few months.

JBP was relaunched in January, 2010 and has been performing and paying since. The essense of the new JBP was that members could buy referrals. Unfortunately this proved unworkable, because JBP could never satisfy the demand. Some sponsors also objected to giving up some of their referrals being sold to other members.

JBP’s JSS was launched during June, 2010. JSS is the “foundation program” that makes the JSS system indefinitely sustainable.

JSS-Booster was launched during August, 2010 as a way to “boost” JSS.

JSS-Warp was launched during October, 2010 as a way to “boost” both JSS-Booster and JSS.

JSS-Tripler was launched in February, 2011 as another way to “boost” JSS. JSS-Tripler quickly became spectacularly successful, effectively becoming the “tail that wags the JBP dog.”

During August, 2011 our server crashed because of traffic overwhelm. Because JBP was written in the Ruby programming language and running under the FreeBSD operating system — and our chief programmer at the time was available for only 1-2 hours a week, we had no practical choice other than temporary shutting down the system and rewriting JBP. At the same time, we moved to larger offshore servers.

In September, 2011 a simplified JBP came back online (programmed in PHP), with the buying of referrals eliminated. A “partial Restart” was done — seeJSS-Tripler Restart Feature (RSF) FAQ. A plan of systematically activating parts of JBP in a sensible sequence was followed.

On October 26th, 2011, total JSS payouts exceeded $5,000,000!

I will be writing more about JustBeenPaid (JBP). It is bringing in some crazy returns for me, and is definately worth looking into!

The part of JBP that is the most exciting is the JSS-Tripler. That is what makes JustBeenPaid so exciting. More on that later. Click here to join….it’s free!!!

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Special thanks to JustBeenPaid for the content of this post, most of which came from their company website. Thanks!

Wishing you the very best. God bless!!