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Youngevity Marketing Strategies- Be One Of The Success Stories

Youngevity Marketing Strategies- Be One Of The Success Stories

Once someone joins Youngevity they face a really big question, “HOW you are going to grow your business?”. Unfortunately, recruiters often neglect to train those they bring in. They are more concerned about just getting you to sign up, and then leave you high and dry.

Easy, FREE Way To Advertise Your Youngevity Business!

In this post I want to share 1 big marketing strategy for your Youngevity business, that won’t require you to do ANYTHING weird, uncomfortable, or confrontational. It can be done at your computer, is very simple, and you will share your Youngevity business with THOUSANDS of people who are already interested in having a home business, and you can do it COMPLETELY for FREE, if you want!

One Of My Youngevity Marketing Strategies- Be One Of The Success Stories

This technique is really straight-forward. It goes back to this principle- THE MAIN PEOPLE WHO JOIN HOME BUSINESSES ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR HOME BUSINESSES
The “hunt everyone down that has a pulse” method of network marketing isn’t only uncomfortable and annoying, it is INEFFECTIVE.
Your Uncle, or co-worker, or neighbor usually are not even thinking about home business. If they join, it will usually be because they were pressured. Which means they won’t usually stay, and they will always remember how you “tricked” them into one of those “network marketing schemes”.
So, where can you get prospects, and leads, and SIGN-UPS?

The best place to find leads and prospects- ONLINE

There are MILLIONS of people who log onto the internet everyday looking to join an internet business. Your success in Youngevity isn’t in your neighborhood, or your community, or your family. YOUR SUCCESS IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.

Now, where online can you find prospects and leads?
Every single day millions of people log into websites called PTC (Paid To Click) websites, I have 7 of my favorites below. The people on these websites all have 1 thing in common- They are DESPERATE to earn money online! They are looking for home business opportunities.

They are LOOKING for Youngevity.

Here is the strategy. Join all 7 of them, and make clicks every day on them. It will earn you cash daily, and give you ideas on how to advertise your Youngevity business. As your earnings build up, you then buy ads on those websites with your earnings. Then THOUSANDS of people will see your Youngevity website, and you didn’t have to pay a PENNY!

Now, some people choose to just withdraw their earnings and put it in their bank accounts. That’s a temptation, but remember, we want to get your Youngevity business in front of as many eyes as possible, and as I said, EVERYONE on these websites is looking to earn money and would be a GREAT addition to your team! So, try to use as much of your earnings for advertising as you can. But, if you want to put some in the bank, that’s fine too :)

So, go through the list and join all 7, they are free. Don’t spread yourself too thin, be sure and just focus on these 7. That way you will be able to buy advertising sooner with your earnings, and maybe for the first time since you joined Youngevity, you will have interested leads and prospects wanting to get into your Youngevity business!

So, here they are! Join all 7, and let’s promote Youngevity!!!

1. Badger Bux

Click here to join Badger Bux!

2. CashNHits



Click here to join CashNHits!



3. ClixSense





Click here to join ClixSense!


4. Probux

Join ProBux!


Click here to join Probux!

5. Noofferbux

Click here to join Noofferbux!


6. BuxP






Click here to join BuxP!


7. Scarlet Clicks



Click here to join Scarlet Clicks!


Be sure and email me if you have any questions:

Also, be sure and email me if you want more training :) This is just 1 strategy. I have MANY MANY more!

Thanks for reading!
And I hope to do business with you soon!


Youngevity Marketing Strategies- Be One Of The Success Stories

“SAN DIEGO, Jul 16, 2012 — Growing direct-selling conglomerate Youngevity(R) Essential Life Sciences announces that it has entered into a sales and marketing alliance with Livinity(TM), Inc., a Russell, Kansas-based direct seller of health and wellness products. The alliance will integrate Livinity’s established product line along with its 10,000 distributors and customers. Youngevity is a wholly owned subsidiary of AL International, a global marketer of lifestyle and nutritional products and gourmet fortified coffee.

Livinity is a direct-selling health and wellness company with a strong focus on pain management, stress relief and energy. Founded in 1996 by David Pitcock and Barb Pitcock, the company is dedicated to empowering its distributors and customers via a wide variety of personal care products as well as nutritional supplements. Livinity’s key product lines include Stress-ESE Plus, Livinity RELIEF Pain Gel & Capsules, and BlueREZ Healthy Energy Shots. As a result of the agreement, distributors and customers from both Livinity and Youngevity will have access to both of their products and services.

The agreement with Youngevity was announced at Livinity’s annual convention with over 500 attendees, “Livinity’s Leap to the Future,” held July 13-14 at the Holiday Inn KCI Airport Expo Center in Kansas City, Missouri. To make the announcement, Dr. Joel Wallach, cofounder of Youngevity, was joined onstage by company executives including Bill Andreoli, President; Dr. Dennis H. Harris, medical director of Livinity; and the Pitcocks.

“This agreement is the latest step in Youngevity’s long-term growth strategy of bringing superior health and wellness products to our distribution base,” commented Steve Wallach, CEO of AL International. “We are delighted that Livinity has agreed to join the Youngevity family, given the obvious synergies between our two companies. The Pitcocks share our vision for growth and will be a strong addition to our team with their impressive 15-year track record of building successful direct selling companies. We are confident that our synergies will drive growth and we look forward to expanding our distribution.”

“The range of Youngevity’s products and the strength of their distribution infrastructure is a natural complement to our product line,” commented David Pitcock, President and CEO of Livinity. “We are dedicated to maintaining a strong focus on leveraging the influence of our direct selling experience, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of a partnership with Youngevity’s growing business.”"

(Press Release)