Does PTC Bank Really Pay? No! Confirmed SCAM!

Does PTC Bank Really Pay? No! Confirmed SCAM!

I have seen a lot of ads for PTC Bank online. Sadly, a marketer I respect and think very highly of was also actively marketing PTC Bank. There didn’t seem to be much online about PTC Bank being a scam, and based on this particular marketers trust, I fell for it. Maybe you did too. Or, maybe you are thinking about falling for the scam. You need to keep reading!

Does PTC Bank Really Pay? No! Confirmed SCAM!

PTC Bank alleges huge payouts per day, the average member earning $2 per day by clicking. But, you end up looking at 3 ads per ad, the preliminary one, the popup ad, and then the final destination ad. I reasoned that perhaps because of the three ads in one, they were able to leverage the payments.
What is sad is that there is not more online about PTC Bank. They ripped their logo off of a legitimate bank. They ask for NO upgrade fees. That’s what is so crazy about PTC Bank.
They break every scam rule in the book.

They rob you not of of money, but of time. How sad. That’s what is so bizarre about the PTC Bank scam. See, people are sucked in, and because the red flags that are commonly in PTC scams are NOT there, they keep going. It takes 2 months, then they realize.

Or if you are great at marketing, like I am, you realize in just 2 days. It took me 2 days to reach $100. My respected marketing guru probably found out in just a couple days too. You click the button to get your payment, and they thank you. That’s it.

They never ask you for your payment details. Never. I did the wrong thing, though. I wanted to warn my downline, but in a rash decision I ended up sending an angry support email to them, pleading with them to stop this ridiculous scam. They shut down my account. Turns out, they have never paid. EVER. Even their payment proofs, in hindsight, don’t line up.

Whenever I see ads of PTC Bank, it still says, “Error”.

I wish I could have warned my downline. The next best thing I can do is warn you.

PTC Bank is a complete, total, utter scam. They are not legitimate. They want your time, your effort, and not your money. Stay away from them.”

If one person stays away because of this article, I can rest assured.
Mission Accomplished!

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Does PTC Bank Really Pay? No! Confirmed SCAM!

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