Is 2010 Blessings A Cash Gifting Scam? Or Just A “Private Gifting Community”?

Is 2010 Blessings A Cash Gifting Scam? Or Just A "Private Gifting Community"?

Have you seen this business opportunity before? It’s called 2010 Blessings, which strikes me as odd since they started back in September 2009. And now it’s 2013. Anyway, 2010 Blessings is a unique opportunity that makes a claim that I have seen no other program make. They admit that they are a cash gifting program.
This post is all about the TYPE of gifting that is involved, and we will see if this is really a scam or, as they allege, “a private gifting community”.

Is 2010 Blessings A Cash Gifting Scam? Or Just A “Private Gifting Community”?

First of all, why is this question so important? Well, this question is the sole determining factor behind whether or not this program is a scam. Which… is a scam.
Because of the nature of the gifting. Because they claim it is “private” community based gifting, they tell their members NEVER to report their earnings, because private gifting is legal, while public cash gifting is NOT.
But see, it is NOT private. It is a public gifting program, organized by a company (they claim they aren’t a company, but they very much are. A company is simply a business enterprise- check the dictionary). This company, even if it is just made up of one or two people, has made a TON of money. How? They ask for an administrative fee. Woah. This is not a private gifting community.
It is a regular company headed up by individuals who earn cash for every transaction. Members by their way in, even though there is no product. At all. Not even an attempt.
And they pass it off like it’s just like the twenty dollar bill your Uncle sent you in your birthday card.
2010 Blessings is a complete cash gifting scam. The owners are hush hush about that, though, because that could blow their whole operation. They could actually go to jail.
Please don’t be fooled by their constant use of the term “community”. Community, by definition means a group. Almost every company has a “community” within it. Like 2010 Blessings! But don’t buy into their terminology.

Lots of other people have gone to jail for leading cash gifting scams, they usually spend up to 2 years behind bars.
Some participants are doing very well in this and they are ACTUALLY encouraged to rip off the government in taxes! (Because these aren’t “private”).

If you are a part of this……please. First of all, report your earnings. You have made money off of a public cash gifting scam, the least you can do is pay your due in taxes.
And then STOP PROMOTING IT. Don’t be surprised if it is eventually shut down, anyway.

Then comes the fun part! Join something legitimate.
The owners of your program can actually go to jail for what they are doing.
Be wise, do your research.
Come on. And if you have a friend, coworker, or family member who is a part of this, share this post with them.
It’s not legal.
It really isn’t.

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Is 2010 Blessings A Cash Gifting Scam? Or Just A “Private Gifting Community”?

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