Egopay- New Payment Processor for JustBeenPaid (Bye Payza!)

Faithful blog readers,

HUGE news coming out of JustBeenPaid this week. I told you all weeks ago that big things were in the works for JustBeenPaid, and there are many aspects to these changes, but one of the most exciting is the introduction of a brand new payment processor: Egopay!

Egopay- The new processor for JustBeenPaid

Egopay update with JustBeenPaid

Egopay will be launching with JustBeenPaid TOMORROW. If you are a part of JustBeenPaid, you need to go ahead and set up your account with Egopay. You don’t want to be setting that up later on when you want to be taking those daily cash payouts out!

So sign up for Egopay. And, with one exuberant shout of joy, we can say, “BYE BYE PAYZA!)

Though Egopay may use the services of Payza (MAY- not will), our days of messing with Payza are pretty much over. Hey- that’s something to celebrate!!!

So get started with Egopay! Go ahead!

Get ready to log in your new Egopay information on your JustBeenPaid member page as well.

Wishing you the best! God bless,


Egopay- New Payment Processor for JustBeenPaid

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